Distress & Recovery

Bankruptcy and Receivership

Having served various capacities in the estates of bankruptcies and receiverships, we are uniquely qualified to handle all aspects and roles associated with your situation.

Our comprehensive understanding of these legal estates and the related responsibilities and reporting requirements along with the experience in operating a business in crisis ensures greater success in maximizing value for all stakeholders. 

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Forensic Financial Analysis

Situations arise where suspected fraud or other illegal or improper conduct requires investigation by a credible third party. We are able to provide this service due to our experience in such roles.

We have developed tools for data mining, extraction, and analysis that enable us to identify irregularities and report them in appropriate legal format.

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Organizational Structure

Establishing an organization's reporting structure by aligning the right people to the right positions facilitates stronger communication, clearly identifies responsibilities, and gives visibility into departmental goals and objectives. We help maximize success by combining individual skills and talents to facilitate organizational growth.

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Organizational Efficiency

Inefficiencies are rampant in organizations. Mostly because there are rarely a set of fresh eyes looking at how things get done or asking why. Inefficiencies create unnecessary bottlenecks that must be overcome by additional manpower or suffer the cost of time delays, all of which add to the cost of providing a product or service.

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Turnaround and Restructuring

Reasons for the creation of financial distress or insolvency are numerous. A difficult local or national economic climate, failure of a significant customer or market, and erroneous strategic decisions are only a few causal factors that may precipitate the downward financial spiral and may threaten survival.  

Regardless of the cause, companies in various stages of crisis require immediate attention.

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Financial Modeling

Financial modeling provides validation of assumptions as well as forecasted balance sheets, statements of operations, cash flow forecasts, collateral reports, and borrowing base metrics.

Our experiential knowledge and understanding of business from the factory floor to the front office enables us to develop comprehensive financial models that serve as valuable tools for analysis and decision-making.

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Statistical Inventory Valuations

By deploying proven statistical sampling methodologies, a company can avoid undertaking full physical inventory counts at year end or other timing intervals.

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Sales Tax Exemption for Industrial Processing

The rules for determining which items or activities are exempt from sales and use taxes for industrial processing are very complex. It is incumbent on those claiming exemption to develop and utilize acceptable methodology and statistics to support the allocations between exempt and non-exempt purchases.

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Cash & Asset Resource Management

Level Ten provides the knowledge and training to avoid insolvency, improve cash flow, and become financially stable.

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