Possessing extensive hands-on experience across a wide swath of industries, our team at Level Ten is proficient is all aspects of operations management.

From LEAN manufacturing implementation and resourcing to energy utilization and supply chain management, our consultants are able to assist your organization in developing a plan to maximize operational efficiency.

Our operations management experts at Level Ten can provide support with:

  • Full charge operations management during crisis or transition
  • Assisting with plant floor layout & optimization
  • Work cell rearrangement
  • Shop leadership development and training
  • Implementation of LEAN manufacturing strategies
  • Assessment of supply chain qualifications
  • Development of performance metrics and accountabilities
  • Insourcing/outsourcing/resourcing assessment and decision making
  • Facility and equipment repair and maintenance program development
  • Maximization of energy utilization
  • Energy Studies for Sales Tax Exemptions
  • Property Tax Exemptions - Michigan PA 198

Productivity, Performance, Profitability

We engage and interact effectively with existing management and the workforce to understand the particulars of the processes, materials utilized, and material flow, then work collaboratively to develop strategies and tactics for improvement.

Where warranted, we bring engineering and other specific technical skillsets to the operational setting. We never attempt to utilize resources lacking in the necessary knowledge and experience to accomplish the objectives.

At Level Ten, we deliver operational strategies that bring major step change in productivity, process reliability, and competitiveness. Our customized, hybrid approach is based on years of hands-on operational experience and is designed to achieve optimum results.