Is Your Company Financially Healthy?

Reasons for financial distress and insolvency are numerous. A difficult economic climate, failure of a significant customer or market, and mistakes in decisions are all potential factors that may precipitate a downward financial spiral and may threaten survival.

Regardless of the cause, companies in various stages of crisis require immediate attention. Symptoms of distress usually appear well in advance of the onset of a crisis, including declining performance, cash flow deficiencies, and eroding collateral positions. Often, these trends can be reversed if they are addressed early enough with objective analysis and swift corrective measures.

At Level Ten Consulting Group, we are your business turnaround, recovery and value improvement specialists. Our collective knowledge and experience is the product of many years of hands-on involvement in various roles of management from the executive office to the shop floor. In addition, we have significant experience in crisis situations, enabling us to deploy time-tested and refined corporate restructure and turnaround strategies for navigating through the most difficult of circumstances.

Founded by managing director Jeff Gillesse, Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), Level Ten Consulting Group primarily serves privately held, small to mid-sized businesses in a variety of industries and business endeavors throughout North America and abroad.