Transition & Succession

Business Transition Services

Changing the ownership of a business can create major disruptions. Key personnel may seek other opportunities in the midst of due diligence or following final closing, which leads to chaos.

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Exit Option Services

When long-term sustainability is not considered to be achievable, we can assist in the development of an exit strategy that optimizes the recovery of economic value for the benefit of all stakeholders.  

Dependent on the unique situation, this may include the operation of the business through an orderly wind-down period, an all asset sale, or hard stop if called for. 

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our extensive experience and knowledge in the area of business combinations provides an excellent foundation for performing various supporting roles, including due diligence procedures, transition management, and identification of opportunities for performance improvement.

We can also function in the role of intermediary between the parties.

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Succession Planning

Business owners desiring help through the process of transitioning ownership to family members or third parties can depend upon our experience and expertise in planning for successful succession and transition.

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Multi Generational Management

Navigating different approaches from different generations can be the difference between thriving and failing. Coming to the realization that you need help speaking each other’s language, is the first step in moving toward success.

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Interim and Transition Management

At times, the absence of a significant manager or the need to backfill a core competency that may be lacking within can place a company into a high risk. 

We are able to respond to this need with interim management possessing the necessary skill sets on a temporary basis. 

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Cost Analysis

A component of any performance improvement strategy is measuring costs. In manufacturing, obtaining an understanding of what direct costs are incurred with each product is key to understanding where more growth should be pursued, changes in pricing, tactical improvements made, or a combination of any and all.

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Our credibility with conventional financing sources in outstanding. They know that we do not refer them into risky situations, so when those opportunities warrant a referral, they take it seriously.

Accordingly, we are able to assist with obtaining the best possible lending relationships satisfactory to both parties.

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