Business Assessments

Frequently, a senior secured lender, shareholder, creditor, or other third party may wish to have an assessment made of an enterprise.  The purposes vary, but the objective is usually to evaluate whether or how changes must be made to improve an existing situation.

An abbreviated assessment may be the first course of action we may take in many situations in which some level of professional help is necessary.  In this situation, the evaluation may be limited to only obvious or known critical areas of concern so that time and expense is minimized and fast-paced decision-making is achieved.

In-depth assessments can be performed when critical decisions are necessary and the circumstances are complex.  An assessment of this nature may explore all areas of management, labor force, operations, sales and marketing strategies, purchasing, financial, and administration.  The expertise deployed is commensurate with the specific requirements and particulars of the situation at hand.

All assessments conclude with a report appropriate to the scope of work, along with recommendations for accomplishing agreed-upon objectives.