Financial Modeling

Financial modeling, with the inclusion of all basic underlying detailed support, provides validation of assumptions as well as forecasted balance sheets, statements of operations, cash flow forecasts, collateral reports, and borrowing base metrics. Our models contain integrated links to other reporting mechanisms so that comparisons can easily be made between the actual and forecasted metrics.

Our experiential knowledge and understanding of business from the factory floor to the showroom to the front office enables us to develop these comprehensive financial models that serve as valuable tools for analysis and decision-making. The underlying assumptions and drivers of the numbers dive deep to the foundational activities that support the forecasted numbers. Flexible input sections allow if-then comparisons for the evaluation of different strategies. We provide training and support to our clients’ staff members so that they can maintain and update the models if they choose to do so.

Other valuable uses of financial models include the validation of prospective purchase pricing and terms for mergers and acquisitions, as well as support for business valuations and other uses.