Mission, Vision, Value

It’s hard to know where you are headed as an organization if no one knows the true purpose of why the organization does what it does.


We always ask, “Why do you unlock the doors each day?”, “Why does this organization do what it does?” or “Who do you serve?” Identifying who, what, where, and why as the purpose of an organization's mission sets the stage for building foundation through identity. It gives employees purpose and direction, customers an understanding of who you are and what you do, and the reason you open your doors.


“Where do you want to be?” is a challenging question that aligns an organization's purpose (mission) and formulates the vision that continues to drive toward the future state.


As organizational, national and international cultures increasingly embrace business endeavors outside of profitability, those on the leading edge share their values as a commitment to a business practice (i.e. going green), inclusion without stigma (i.e. embracing diversity), and other important drivers that bring employees and customers to select employers and/or products and services.