Employee Assistance Coaching

The realities of creating a healthy work environment and workforce can be extremely daunting. We realize that you are the expert at what you do, and it typically isn't caring for employees' needs inside or outside the office. Our goal is to take care of you while you take care of business.

We offer a Employee Assistance Program to assist you through difficult circumstances by providing as much encouragement, support, and direction as you need.

Our wide variety of experience in coaching and human resources can

  • 1. Help you and your employees navigate workplace goals and relationships
  • 2. Deal with problems at home regarding children or marriage
  • 3. Address personal struggles like identity, health, addiction, or spirituality.

Our strategic partnerships allow for access to a diverse group of employee assistance coaches to fit your company's needs.

Employee Assistance Coaching is a relatively new, but growing, concept as organizations are realizing it’s better to provide support to employees and keep them as assets rather than experiencing with employee turnover. Typically your employees need help and either don't know where to start or don't feel they have time to make it a priority. By bringing in a employee assistance coach to create a regular presence in the workplace, your employees will experience the value you have for them. You will see return on investment based on how much more available your employees are for accomplishing their goals with a clear mind and regular short-term accountability for long-term company benefit.

Companies that have invested in a employee assistance program have reported the following

  • Quality improvements of 30-40%
  • Grievance reductions of 90%
  • Turnover reductions of 50%
  • Employee satisfaction improvements of 80%
  • Safety/compliance improvements of 40-60%

There are more stats than we can list regarding improved performance, less sick time off, better relationships and cooperation, and less turnover. Don't wait, get started today...the reward outweighs the commitment and cost.