Coaching & Advisory Services

Litigation Support

At Level Ten, our professionals have extensive experience in providing expert witness testimony in connection with commercial litigation.

From contract breach and damage claims to intellectual property theft and labor disputes, we can provide litigation support to all manner of industries, both at home and abroad.

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Board of Directors Advisement

Board of directors advising is the shaping, structuring, and strategic planning of an effective board. We help identify goals and needs of the organization and the executive director in order to strategically build, evaluate, and further develop an existing board. This process ensures that necessary seats are filled with people who share vision and provide diverse resources to fulfill the ultimate goals of the organization.

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Business Assessments

A secured lender, shareholder, creditor, or other third party may wish to have an assessment made of an enterprise, with the objective being to evaluate the changes that need to be made to improve the current situation.

All assessments conclude with a report appropriate to the scope of work, along with recommendations for accomplishing agreed-upon objectives.

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Human Resource Assistance

Successful organizations realize that human capital is the most important asset, and they prioritize maximizing and retaining it. We work with clients and their talent pool to discover, align and enhance the process of linking people, performance and vision.

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Employee Assistance Coaching

The realities of creating a healthy work environment and workforce can be extremely daunting. We realize that you are the expert at what you do, and it typically isn't caring for employees' needs inside or outside the office. Our goal is to take care of you while you take care of business.

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Position Goals and Objective Guidance

We provide the necessary coaching and accountability to help take staff and teams to the next level. Based on your direction and vision we clarify timelines and identify priorities for you to experience focus and significant measurable gains.

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Business/Strategic Plan Generation

We can assist in developing a meaningful strategic plan, which may include the definition of your corporate objectives or mission, and outlining specific tactical steps to deploy in accomplishing the objectives.

Our experience enables us to develop realistic strategies subject to validation, so that the result is an objective and rational business plan with achievable results.

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Leadership Services

Level Ten’s resources include executive coaching and leadership development conducted by a licensed professional with significant success in this area of expertise.

Whether enhancement of existing leadership, mentoring, or training of new management is desired, we are able to fulfill this objective and equip the entire enterprise with broader and deeper skills in this area.

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Project Management

Accomplishing big things requires incremental steps. Our project management support will document the necessary steps, tools, and processes for you to be effective in overseeing a project from start to finish. Allowing us to come alongside you with strong project management skills will mitigate conflict and confusion; saving you time and money.

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DISC Assessment

This is essentially a CAT scan for how you function at work. We use the best-in-industry scientific data when it comes to DISC assessments. Needless to say, this is way more than an assessment…It is a new way of understanding self, teams, and customers.

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