Employee Engagement & Performance Appraisals

An employer's most valued and challenging customer can simply be its talent pool – its employee base. Build your talent pool by building their career vs. simply providing them a job. There is a fundamental difference between showing up to work and contributing to work. A satisfied employee may not be an engaged or contributing employee. It is beneficial to discover if employees are engaged and then build upon this engagement through worthwhile performance appraisals.

The day-to-day grind typically keeps our heads down and our feet moving to the same beat.  Having a fresh look from a coach/consultant can be the difference between staying the same and exponential growth.

Employee Satisfaction

Assesses an employee’s degree of happiness with their job but does not measure their effort or contribution to improve or build upon their skill set or the organization.

Employee Engagement

Assesses an employee’s emotional commitment to an organization and the extra effort/skill they are willing to provide that benefits the organization. Effectively - how loyal and willing are they to contribute to the success of the organization?

Performance Appraisal

Assesses and evaluates an employee's ability to continue to perform, grow, and develop in their role and contribute to the overall objectives of the organization.